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History of means of mail conveyance

  • • Pigeons: - Pigeons were used to send messages/mails before 18th century.
  • • Runners: - On opening First GPO in India on 01.04.1774 four mail routes fixed: 1. Kolkata to Ganjan (now in Orissa) 2. Ganjan to Mushirdabad later up to Pune. 3. Kolkata to Dhaka 4. Kolkata to Banaras & Huts were constructed at every 10 km. distance in between, upon which 3 runners with one Candle Holder( mashalchi) & one Band master(Dhaph) (to keep away the wild animals) were appointed to convey the mails.
  • • Palanquin (Dholi):- Runners were replaced by Palanquin (Dholi) with 8 Palanquin Bearers (kahars), two Candle Holders( mashalchi’s) & one coolie upon the routes. Charges were Rs. 1/- per mile. A Rs. 445/- was the cost in between Kolkata to Banaras.
  • • Ships: - Ships were used to convey mails from England to Mumbai (India).
  • • Boats: - Boats were used to convey mails coming to India from Cadgury to GPO Kolkata.
  • • Bull Carts/ Horse Tonga: - Runners / Palanquin(Dholi) were replaced with the Bull carts/ horse Tonga for conveying the mails in 1845, in between Allahabad to Kolkata to Delhi. Later extended to Lahore- Peshawar in the year 1850/1855.
  • • Rails: -First Railway Track started on 16.04.1853 in between Bombay & Thane. Rails used for conveying mails free of cost. Another Rail with Steam Engine in between Howrah to Hugli started from 15.08.1854. Later network of rail extended Delhi to Mumbai in the year 1866 & conveyance of mail started with railway. Traveling Post ( now Rail Mail Service since 1880) started on 01.05.1864 in between Allahabad- Kanpur & sorting of mails in running trains implemented.Mail Sorting Offices for sorting of mails were opened at all the important Railway Stations & at Air Ports in 1887.
  • • Public/ State Buses: - Public/State buses are also used for Conveyance of mails from one city to another city.
  • • Hired Freighter plane: - The world's first official airmail flight took place in India, on 18 February 1911. It was a journey that spanned 18 kilometers and lasted 27 minutes. Henri Piquet, a French pilot, ferried around 15 kilos of mail (approximately 6,000 letters and cards) across the Ganges, from Allahabad to Naini. Included in the historic airmail was a letter to King.Henri Pequet</ref>
  • • Mail Motor Service:- Mail Motor Service came into existence in 1944 for to & fro of mails from one city to another & within the city to ensure speedy delivery of mail articles. Till date Post Office owns a fleet of 1300 motor vans.
  • • Owned Freighter plane:- Post Office introduced delivery of mails through Freighter planes w.e.f 29 August 2007 from Kolkata (West Bengal) & the speeder delivery of mail services through its Freighter plane have been provided in foreign countries also

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