Wednesday, 16 November 2016

ரூ500/- ரூ1000/- நோட்டுகள் செல்லாது என்ற அறிவிப்பினால் - தற்போதைய வேலைப் பளு உயர்வுக்கு தீர்வு வேண்டி : -

                           NFPE                JCA                  FNPO

REF: JCA/Dlgs                                                       Date:16/11/2016


  The Sr Supt of Po’s

   Erode Division.



Sub: Demonetization of old Rs 500/1000 currency notes;. Increase in the workload in post offices –Reg

        At the outset,  our Postal JCA welcomes the decision to exchange the withdrawn currerncies at Pos , taking  into account the need of the hour . Due to demonitisation of currencies, large number of SB,RD and MIS accounts are being opened at Pos for depositing lakhs  and lakhs of rupees of withdrawn currencies. The same amount is being deposited in the existing accounts also resulting in intolerable work load on the staff. However the following measures may please be taken urgently to enable the process to go without any hitch..

1.Some individuals are exchanging currencies repeatedly in various Pos. A software may be  installed to avoid this, as is done in banks.

2.Fake note deducting machines may please be supplied to all offices immediately.

3.The staff have to work from 6 A.M to 11.30 P.M. Hence all the staff may be brought  on turn duty for this work.

4.The GDS/outsiders/ state govt employees  may be utilized for affixing indelible ink as announced by the Govt,. and those so  engaged may please be paid suitable honourable monitary compensation daily on completion of the day’s work.

5.In bank, the staff engaged for this work  are being paid Rs 3000/-perday and  Rs 500/- towards food and beverages.Like wise the amount of compensation to be paid to our staff may be announced atonce, so as to enable the working staff to work beyond office hours readily. As the staff are heavily overworked, they may be supplied with snacks and beverages at regular intervals.                                         

In town and rural  SOs, where there is shortage of staff,the possibility of deputing staff from D.O may please be explored.To assist the SO staff,GDS in rural SOs/BOs may be ordered to be engaged after their working hours by paying honourable monetary compensation daily.

Exploiting the present situation, the call taxi men are demanding higher fare.The same may pl be permitted.

Calling for hourly reports about exchange/acceptance of withdrawn currencies is troubling the already overworked staff very much. It is requested that the PO staff may be allowed to send the statement only once in a day on completion of the day’s work at 10 P.M or 11P.M.

To obviate the present situation, the public may be persuaded to open new accounts by  the field staff/officers .Advertisement in this regard may be given  in all dailies.

A record with details of the staff (PA,APM,Postman,MTS and GDS) engaged in exchange of currencies and to manage the excess work at all SB branches  within and outside office hours may be maintained to enable payment of compensation to the eligible staff at all offices.

Arrangement may be made to provide police escort to all town and rural Pos for crowd management.

All our above requests may be considered in a war footing manner and orders issued accordingly.
Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


K Swaminathan
K Balamohanraj

                (JCA Conveners)

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