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Recreation Club சந்தாவை UCR -ல் Erode Senior Postmaster கிரெடிட் செய்ததை கண்டித்தும், சந்தாவை eMO அனுப்பியதை கண்டித்தும் JCA சார்பில் PMG Western Region அவர்களுக்கு கொடுக்கப்பட்ட Memorandum

Fwd: Authoritarian attitude of Sr PM, Erode in the functioning of Erode HPO Recreation Club –reg

Chinnasamysanjeevi Chinnasamy <>25 February 2015 at 21:39


Chinnasamysanjeevi Chinnasamy <>

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to pmg_coimbatore
Respected Madam ,Vanakkam.  This is regarding atrocities of Sr.PM,Erode HPO.  This union has already submitted the copy of the Memorundum  of JCA,Erode Division on the anti -labour activities of the Sr.Postmaster, Erode HPO.  Even after intervention of the benign PMG in the said issue the Sr.Postmaster,Erode still continuing his anti-workers policy on the staff of Erode HPO and ITS town SOs staff. In this regard a copy of memoreundum addressed to the PMG,Western Region, is submitted herewith as an attachment for favour of Benign PMG's kind information and further suitable action in this regard please.

Thanking You,.
Yours faithfully,
C.Sanjeevi,Regional Secretary,AIPEU,Group-C,Western Region@ Suramangalam 636005

Joint Council of Action (Postal)
Erode Division, Erode 638001

Ref No: JCA/ Dlgs dated 25.2.2015

The Postmaster General,
Western Region (TN),
Coimbatore 641002

Respected Madam,

Sub: Authoritarian attitude of Sr PM, Erode in the functioning of Erode HPO    
         Recreation Club –reg

          Kindly recall the discussion our divisional JCA had with you on 20.01.2015 along with our NFPE P3 Circle Vice-President comrade Ebenezer Gandhi regarding complaints against the Sr PM, Erode HO. One of the issues so discussed was functioning of Erode HO recreation Club.
          After the meeting it is understood that the Sr PM and SSP Erode have been called and some instructions have been given.
          On the advice of the PMG, the recreation club General body was held and a set of office bearers were elected. But to our dismay, the Sr PM Erode sent the subscription of recreation club recovered from all members for the month of February 2015 (from the pay of January 2015) to the Secretary of Recreation Club through eMO deducting the MO commission even though the Secretary is working at Erode HO itself. It is an unprecedented practice and not supported by any rules. It is not known as to who authorized him to send the subscription through eMO for which eMO commission was wastefully spent by the Sr PM, Erode.
          To add insult to injury, the Sr PM has credited under UCR, subscription amounting to Rs 9600/- recovered from the members from March 2014 to Dec 2014. UCR is an item that which cannot be classified under any head. Recreation club subscription is an amount recovered under a clear head and kept out of account. It is not known as to which rule has permitted him to credit the amount under UCR. Recreation club members are very much agitated over this continues intolerable attitude of Sr PM, Erode.
          The above action of the Sr PM is not a new one. Likewise, the Sr PM Erode had without any orders reduced the TRCA of the substitutes who worked in the place of GDS during the month March, April and May 2014. The same was rectified only after the intervention by the PMG to whom our Postal JCA had reported the issue through a memorandum dated 30.07.2014.
          The entire staffs of Erode HO are fed up with the repeated inhuman, unlawful and authoritative action of the Sr PM, Erode HO.
          Hence it is requested that suitable instruction may please be given to the Sr PM, Erode to pay the Subscription credited Under UCR and subscription to be collected here after to the Secretary of the recreation club direct instead of sending it though eMO.
Thanking You.
Yours Faithfully,
                                                                K.Swaminathan     J.Balamohanraj
                                                                       Dvl Sec NFPE P3  Dvl Sec FNPO P3
                                                               JCA Conveners.

Copy to:
The SSPOs Erode Division, Erode 638001.

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