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Monthly meeting subjects June 2021


15.06.2021 செவ்வாயன்று Video conference வாயிலாக நடக்க்கவிருக்கும் (கோட்ட நிர்வாகத்துடனான) தொழிற்சங்க சந்திப்பில் ,நமது சங்கத்தின் சார்பில் விவாதிப்பற்காக அளிக்கப்பட்டு இருக்கும் பொருள்கள் கீழ்கண்டவாறு..

MM / June2021 dlgs                                Dated:      14.06.2021



Erode Division

Erode 638001.


Sub: Subjects to be discussed in Union Monthly meeting f/m/o Dec 2020 – reg

The following subjects may please be discussed with our union in this monthly meeting. Also the status of the pending subjects may also be included along with this.

1.Wherever our staffs are getting affected by deadly virus COVID19 , necessary action may please be taken to close the POs temporarily so as to break the chain of virus spread further.(Ex. Unjalur SO, Perundurai SO)

2.Necessary action may please be taken with DD Health office so that the staffs(of all cadres including outsiders and other casual labours) and their family members can get their vaccine shot for COVID

3.Posting of regular SPM and PA to Thindal SO and  Guruvareddiyur SO

4.Maintenance of sufficient staff strength in heavy workload POs like Erode railway Colony SO, Surampatti SO, Pallipalayam SO, Karungalpalayam SO, Erode Collectorate SO and POs like 

5.Representation status of the LSG promoted officials (Ex. Smt.Sowmya, Smt.Vigneswari)

6.Necessary practical training may be given to the new PAs at our WTC itself especially in software like POSB FINACLE by maintaining proper precautionary measures wrt. COVID19.  

7.PA candidates are not able to get utilised for all kind of operative work at POs even after completion of one year of posting. Necessary action may please be taken to take a survey of above fact and to ensure the training and availability of user credentials for all the newly joined PAs so that they can be utilised for all kind of work in POs (Back office, POS, SAP DPMS, SAP F&A, POSB Finacle, IPPB Finacle, Aadhaar , CSC, CRM portal, WUMTs, etc.   )

8.Repair/Replacement of UPS units/Batteries {which were not covered under any Warranty/AMC} at Guruvareddiyur SO, Vasavi College SO, Tudupathi SO, Ammapettai SO, Perundurai West SO, Perundurai Sanatorium SO and Erode Collectorate SO.

9.There is no provision to install more than one PC at thindal SO where the sanctioned strength is 1+1 since 2018. Necessary action may please be taken with RO/CO and SIFY for the provision of same.

10.During this pandemic situation , POs couldn’t  able to concentrate in providing key services to public like Mail, Financial services since administration is compelling for the performance of third party products like CSC services. Hence it is requested to divisional administration not to compel our POs/ Staffs for performing CSC transactions (for which the officials are not even properly trained)

 11.Supply of new cash counting machines to Thindal SO and replacement /repair of cash counting machine at Bhavani HO.

 12.Necessary action may please be taken to refill and renew the FIRE EXTINGUISHERS available in our POs.

The following union representatives will be attending this month union meeting

Details of the Union representatives

Name of the Union representative



Email ID


S Chellamuthu

Divisional Secretary, AIPEU- Group ‘C’ Erode. (SPM Erode North SO now on deptn at Erode HO)

70102 72295



PA Olagadam SO

90802 39175


S Karthikeyan

Secretary, AIPEU – Group ‘C’ Gobichettipalayam. (PA Gobichettipalayam HO)

97919 67183

Yours faithfully,


Divisional Secretary.



ஈரோடு NFPE P3🚩

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